I managed to resurrect my Arduino/KX3 interface project from a few months ago. I originally got basic VFO tracking working, as demonstrated in this video:

The next “feature” I wanted to tackle was reading the PSK/CW/RTTY decode buffer off the radio and display it on an LCD. After a few hours of hacking, I managed to get it working somewhat:

I have a couple of different LCDs. The one featured in the video is the Sparkfun SerLCD board. I also have an LCD button shield, but I struggled getting the text to display in a reasonable way. The shield has some quirky behaviors, such as pretending to have 20 columns available, while only having 16 physical columns, so text eventually gets lost.

Both boards have some capability for scrolling text, but they don’t seem to be quite what I need, so I will probably have to end up writing my own simulated text scrolling and writing it to the LCD manually.

My next goal will be to have simultaneous VFO and data decode display, with one on each line, and perhaps some basic rig control through the buttons on the LCD shield.

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